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Updated: May 6, 2020

Thank you Rona.

Welcome to Call It What Ya Want. This blog is meant for the underrepresented. the lost. the confused. the one who needs a community. The name was originated by a good pal named, Ross who must I say is one of the most pure people I've met in a long time. I was struggling so much to come up with a name and his sarcastic self came up with this and must I say I love it so much. I'm here to build community and see where the Lord decides to take me so join me on this journey and ya it what ya want.

As much as I wanted my first blog post to be about me and why I started this blog, this post seems a lot more essential since it's making history. Let's talk COVID-19, Corona Virus, or as I like to call it...Rona.

Today is March 30, 2020, as I am writing this we are entering Week 3 of this "social distancing" and "quarantine" times thanks to Rona. A lot of people are complaining about this time and hardships that come with it. But like my normal self, I try to find the good in everything. One good that came out of it was the fact I got to see my best friend, Emma. She sadly had to leave her study abroad program earlier and chose to spend two days with me before returning home. It's the little things that make my days better and those two short days at camp with her and many other loved ones are something I have to thank Rona for, so thank you, Rona. I had the chance to get an extended spring break. I could live stream churches from my past summer serving in Tennessee. I could catch up with so many pals because the majority of my friendships are long-distance sadly...(thanks TEAMeffort and me transferring colleges). I could FINALLY start this blog.

Here are some things to remember during this time of confusion, worry, stress, uncertainty, anxiety, and any other emotion you may be feeling.
- Don't let this time set you back, don't stop your joy, continuing your faith, and magnifying the Lord.
- God is doing the most, even when you see the least.
- Remember YOU STILL GOT JOY and God's glory is our joy. 
- Don't be afraid. 
- What we can't see is more important than what we can see! 

So until next time...tell me something good in the comments and THANK YOU RONA.

p.s. enjoy this picture from my favorite place on Earth aka TEAMeffort Mission Camp more to talk about that later in this journey.

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