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COVIDiaries #4: Good Grace


Good Grace by Hillsong UNITED is a song that I have loved for a while but just now fully accepted it into my heart. When I say I accepted it into my heart, I mean I accepted the message and what it's conveying and was able to analyze it and add meaning to it. So join me in hopes of allowing you to understand this song as I have.

"Good grace, good God"

Let's first start with the title. Good can mean so many things. But in this song the "good" to me means God. God's righteousness. God's virtue. God's interest at heart. God's desire for grace. Grace is a word that is dear to my heart. I found my home at Grace Community Church, that shaped me into the Christ-follower I am today. When I attended Grace, I witnessed myself grow, my relationship with God flourish, and just watched myself become more aware of God's glory in everything. To have grace takes a lot of spiritual discipline + maturity. Grace is the act of God giving us love + mercy even when we feel as though we don't deserve it. Grace is not a substance of any sort but more of attribution of God himself. God offers his compassion or forgiveness to us...He holds all the power to punish us but He doesn't. How good is that? Good grace is all about how God's grace is good and his good grace will bring us so much.

Here are some things to remember when listening to this song. 
- Remember Christ's sacrifice 
- Rely on God's goodness 
-Unite Together as believers 

I want to provide some biblical evidence for three of my favorite lines from the song to let you know that this song is reflecting God and all He will do + has done + is doing.

Let's start with verse 1.

"People. Come together. Strange as neighbors. Our blood is one. Children of generations. Of every nation. Of Kingdom come."

In, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27,Paul the Apostle refers to the fellowship of the Saints as ONE single human body with many parts that all together work as one with the same common goal to honor God. As Paul saw his people as ONE we should see our neighbors as one; eliminate competition and walk with the LORD together.

Now, how about the chorus?

"Don't let your heart be troubled; Hold your head up high"

In John 14:1;2-6, we see that Jesus finds a place to comfort His disciples. His dwelling place in His Father's house. He doesn't want them to worry but believe in God and Him, just as He told that to His disciples He wants the same for us. So hold your head up high and remember the One who is always sure.

My ultimate favorite verse of the song is verse 2.

"Jesus, Light of heaven"

I say this is my favorite verse for many reasons. It's simple yet so powerful + holds great value. Another reason is because of the automatic connection to scripture from one of my favorite books, Psalms. In Psalms 27:1 it's clearly written that the LORD is our light and salvation, who should we ever fear except the LORD himself? God is the lamp to our feet and light to our path so we need to remind ourselves that without Him there is no light.

I hope you find the good grace that this song offers. Let me know what other biblical connections you find and if you like the song?? I have the Spotify link here.

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