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Holi-Diaries//Dreaming of A White Christmas Cocktail!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I've been on cloud 9 after drinking this classic Christmas cocktail. I will be Dreaming of A White Christmas this holiday season as I spend Christmas in New Orleans with my boyfriend and his family. Egg nog does not have to be the only holiday drink that's creamy and delicious! When I think of the holidays I think of the 3 Cs: Christmas, Comfort, and Cocktails!

I'd be lying if I said the new Netflix Show, Drink Masters didn't inspire me to create a cocktail for my blog...#TeamLPForever!

This cocktail is SO easy to make and will be a fan favorite for your family, your office holiday party, or for you and your spouse to cuddle up and watch a Hallmark movie! With hints of macadamia nut & the mix of vanilla vodka + 2 cordials this drink is sure to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy...with or without an ugly Christmas sweater!

This simple cocktail recipe makes 1 serving that will be a perfect for you to feel a great buzz but still be able to enjoy this time. Feel free to double or triple this recipe according to the amount of people you will be serving...or how many you plan to serve yourself! This is a judgement free zone!!

As reminder, you must be 21 or older to enjoy this cocktail. Please drink responsibly.

Click the image above to take you to my Instagram profile for a cute video on the process of making this delicious cocktail!



* everything after the // is what I used*


The Prepping

Crush your peppermint into small pieces in a ziploc bag then pour on a dish. Dip your chosen glass's rim into the Cool Whip. Lightly dip your coated rim in the crushed peppermint. Set cup aside.

The Mixing

In a cocktail shaker add your White Chocolate Liqueur, Vanilla Vodka, and Macadamia Nut Cream Cordial.

The Shaking

Add ice to your cocktail shaker, be careful there is liquid in there. Embrace your inner drink master and shake it like a salt shaker!!

The Pouring

Pour your drink into your glass...sip + enjoy!


Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! I love the holiday season and I am SO glad you took the time to read and make this cocktail! As always, tell me something good in the comments! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @callitwhatyawantblog!


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