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COVIDiaries #3//Cooking with AP Tunes!!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hey, y'all! During this pandemic, I have fallen in love with chefin' it up again so here are some of my favorite tunes to dance around the kitchen to! If you know me, you know I have a playlist for literally EVERYTHING...working out, partying, pregaming, in my feelings, driving down back roads, literally anything. My favorite thing is making playlists for my girls but why not make one for y'all so come get your ingredients ready and enjoy some of my favorites.

Coming in first we got HOLLABACK GIRL by the one and only GWEN STEFANI

This song gets me going y'all. That beginning stomp and her infamous uh-huh I CAN'T YALL! I BE LIKE YES MA'AM as I begin to preheat the oven.

Second song, we got is DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT//KING HARVEST. This my friend, is a classic. I'll never forget my first time at camp in 6th grade and hearing this song, got my blood rushing and my legs moving...a bop to say the least.

Why does Wix have so many gifs of T-Pain??? I am not complaining y'all! But I had to choose the one with this cute pupper! The next song coming in hot is BEST LOVE SONG//T-PAIN ft. CHRIS BROWN. Another bop. Point. Blank. Period.

The fourth tune coming at ya is the song that will take you back to those frat parties and tailgates. This one is for you Madison. UCLA//RL GRIMES ft 24 HRS. This song starts out a bit slow and then BOOM TURN YONNA UP! I literally can't go 10 seconds without dancing to this song.

THIS SONG RIGHT HERE. SYDNEY THIS FOR YOU. I'm not a Lizzo fan but this song SLAPS. The I don't give a crap vibe this song gives off whew chile...TEMPO//LIZZO. Flip your ponytail girl and start strutting in your kitchen and channel your inner BADDIE.

Another throwback for case you forgot this gem. CINDERELLA//THE CHEETAH GIRLS. GIRL. This song is a jam. If this wasn't apart of your childhood then I am so sorry. But now it can be apart of your adulthood and living your best life while you channel your inner cheetah!

Queen B. Can't have a playlist without the Queen herself. This song is lowkey an underrated bop. PARTY//BEYONCÉ ft ANDRE 3000. No clarification needed. Play it. Feel it in your soul.

This my hubby for real for real. The next song is for my 260 girls. 260 forever.


I hope y'all enjoyed this little fun blog post to spread some positivity during quarantine! Leave some of your favorite jams below! My Spotify link to see all my playlists is right here!

Until next time, Tell me something good!

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