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Mixtape Love Songs

Happy Valentines Day! It's been awhile since I've done a fun blog posts all about songs, so this's the VALENTINE'S DAY EDITION! I find it hilarious when people play songs that aren't supposed to be love songs, so I'm here to release you from the shackles that END OF THE ROAD BY Boyz BOYZ II MEN Men AND MARRY YOU BY BRUNO ARE NOT A LOVE SONGS!!

So head on over to your kitchen to cook with your boo, to be in your feels, or just to sing to the top of your lungs to these bops. I have a mix of

country, rap, pop, r&b choose your fighter!



Coming in first, we have I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU//BOYZ II MEN. A little frisky moment to start this post! Pour the wine and light the fire!

This song is a whole vibe and ever since I heard it last has been on REPEAT BIBLICAL//CALUM SCOTT. This song is so pure and explains how you can fall so hard and nothing seems to make sense when you're around the one you love.

Crazy Rich Asians. No explanation needed. This song is the most beautiful thing!! Sorry Elvis but make room for Kina. CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE//KINA GRANNIS

DIE IN YOUR ARMS//JUSTIN BIEBER. I promise even 11 years later I still play so freaking often!

I am from the South, therefore country music is in my veins! The second Luke Combs dropped his album last year, this song was my favorite (before it was mainstream lol) BUT BABY!! This song always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. THE KIND OF LOVE WE MAKE//LUKE COMBS.

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby. If you know know I am doing all things WRONG if I don't put this song on here. ALL MY LIFE//K-CI & JOJO.

What is love without the QUEEN??!! DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE//BEYONCE.

YOU'RE SPECIAL AND I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE STILL WITH US!! Lizzo brought all the self love and bad b!tch vibes to this song!! You are not alone and in case no one told you today, YOU'RE SPECIAL! SPECIAL//LIZZO

Another honorable mention in honor of Momma Pitts, we have THE Mary J Blige. The song that reminds me that 24/7 will NEVER be enough! 25/8//MARY J BLIGE.

CANDY RAIN//SOUL FOR REAL is a classic in my household make it one in yours this year too!

Charlie FREAKIN Wilson! What's a love playlist without the man, the myth, the legend. Momma Pitts this is for youuuu!! YOU ARE//CHARLIE WILSON.

This song will forever give me chills!! I love the meaning. Wale's voice. The chorus. This whole song ATE!! So next song, THE MATRIMONY//WALE FT USHER.

Let's add a lil Drake! A lil classic. BEST I EVER HAD//DRAKE.

Call me sensitive, but this song highlights how love will always find it's way. So next song is,


Makaya this one's for you! Let's reminisce on our favorite video! If you love you some love this video is for you! But next song, MY GIRL//THE TEMPTATIONS.

This last song is a bomb closer !! I LOVE YOU//FAITH EVANS.


I hope y'all liked this blog post, because I had the best time writing it! I think we can say this as a collective that women need to make more love songs!! Leave your favorite love songs below, I have made a Spotify playlist featuring all of these songs plus MANY MORE! If you wanna collab on that playlist let me know! Until then...tell me something good!

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