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Gift Guide for HER | Valentine's Edition

With Valentine's Day coming up, it brings me joy to celebrate love not only with my sweet man but with my gals too! I know many men are struggling to think of a gift so here I am with a few recommendations. Now, you know your lady (I hope) but here are just a few inspiration pieces for you!

Maybe you're planning a galentine's for you and your gal pals and need a little small present! I've got you covered with this gift guide for her! As always Iet's dive into it!

From decor, to self-care, to accesories, a lady needs a little bit of it all!

When I tell you, I SWEAR by these eye masks..I truly do! They are refreshing, quick, and truly active my inner rich auntie. If you plan on getting her flowers... please go ahead and get a cute vase to add to her collection! If she is a book gal like I am then these are TOO cute + classic! I have been on a greek yogurt parfait KICK, and I will be adding these to my cart for a quick on the go bite! Heating pad..if she doesn't have one already...add it to the cart; enough said. Lastly, many of our 2024 goals involve using fresh herbs for our pasta, soups, and everything in between so here is a cute starter kit!

How timeless are these hoops?? I unfortunately cannot wear these due to sensitive ears but have many friends who have fallen in love with both of these! Make sure you know if you they are a gold or silver girly--me, I have matured and learned it is OKAY to mix metals..argue with someone else. I have a similar Anne Klein watch that unfortunately is not sold online but it's truly a staple piece in my arm stack that I truly adore! This watch comes in different metals and face colors to fit the personality of the lady receiving your gift! As for the travel jewelry's a necessity as last year I 100% became the victim of lost jewelry while traveling. I am truly OBSESSED with the tote + makeup bag combo for a quick weekend trip or day trip!

Lastly, for my couples, I want to share our plans for Valentine's Day...we are doing a cake tasting + pasta night! We are staying in for a more intimate, cozy, and cost efficient evening. I did a little data tracking to see where the majority of my readers + followers hail from and the cities that come on top are: Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX, and Atlanta, GA! I have suggested 2 or more bakeries in each of these cities for you to purchase a cake tasting box! Who says these should only be for weddings??



Edible Art Clt (order slices!)



Thank you so much for reading and I hope I provided a little bit of inspo! Comment below what you are gifting, hoping to receive or what your plans are for this upcoming holiday! Tell someone you love them today!

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