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COVIDiaries #5//20 Things I Learned at the Age of 20

October 5th, 1999 at 10:52 PM. Tomika Pitts' life was changed as she welcomed her youngest child, Ahyonna Na'keyair Pitts into the world. Thanks, mom LOL!

This post isn't just to provide you with advice because I am in no place to offer life advice to others but reccomendations. I learned from my mistakes and want to share those here. I won't make this post ALL about COVID but considering COVID shaped me and was the highlight of my second decade so here's to what I learned.

  1. It's okay to not be okay.

A lot of you know I battled with depression and anxiety so that's nothing I'm ashamed to make public, it's part of my story. But I promise y'all it's okay to not be okay.

2. Cutting people off isn't always wrong.

We're all surrounded by people who may not be in our lives for a blessing but for a lesson. Don't hold back if you feel like someone isn't adding value to your life.

3. Hard times build character.

We dealt with a lot in 2020 so let go and let it teach ya something!

4. A smile goes a long way.

Pre-mask era, I was always known as the girl who is always smiling. I met one of my closest friends here at VSU from simply giving her a smile (Tatiana this is you FYI).

5. Loving yourself means taking care of yourself.

SELF CARE BABYGIRL!!! Love yourself. You can't give anyone else love if you don't love yourself first. Write some inspirational quotes on your mirror and remind yourself every day you're beautiful on the inside and the out.

6. Be selfish sometimes. Keyword...sometimes!!!

I put other people's needs before a lot. Sorry, I'm the spitting definition of an Enneagram Type 2...I have my campers calling me out on my crap. So hey you can be selfish for your own happiness every once in a while.

7. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Goodness, I also get called out on this too. I put myself on a high pedestal to make my mother proud especially since she sacrificed SO much for me to be where I am today. So once again thank you Momma Pitts for pushing me, I won't stretch myself thin. I'm learning.

8. Grace (read that post)

9. Let your guard down.

I used to be so stubborn when it came to opening up my heart to others. Especially the ones who I knew were capable of hurting me but sometimes you have to let your guard down to let the right person in and I did that and boy am I happy I let this special someone really happy. Look at me getting all giddy and happy.

10. How good cauliflower is.

This isn't a joke. It's the versatility for me!!!!

11. Four words...Have a dance party

Feeling down? Feeling happy? Whatever your mood do this it's SO refreshing.

12. Yo, you're not in control.

God's in control. No matter how much you believe you are...LOL, you're not. Follow His plan and calling for you. Serve in the season he has you in.

13. You can't depend on others for your own happiness.

Yes. People can bring you happiness. Yes. You can be happy because of others. No. You can't be dependant on others to bring you that happiness. Period.

14. Don't go to bed upset.

You WILL feel it tomorrow & it doesn't feel good, figure out your crap. You can't rest upset.

15. Don't talk about it, be about it. Self-explanatory girl.

16. Be led by the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit, you will persevere and overcome. You cannot live for the Holy Spirit if you're not led by the Holy Spirit.

17. Cry it's okay. It doesn't show weakness.

18. Quit apologizing for everything.

You are not always a fault. You can't feel that way. Apologize when necessary.

19. You're gonna feel lost or lonely.

Whether you're in college. Working. Whatever you're doing, you will have moments of loneliness but I promise you may feel lonely but you're not alone. Your family, your friends, and of course God. You are never alone. Never forget that.

20. Don't be afraid of the future.

It's okay to be nervous but never afraid. As I enter my 21st circulation around the sun

I'm excited to see what God has in store for me and my future endeavors. My 20th year brought many trials + tribulations that have been blessings in disguise. So 21 I am so damn ready for you!!

Tell me something good in the comments and spread some joy this October!!

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