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COVIDiaries #9//A Year of CIWYW

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Thank you Rona.

Who would've imagined, here I am in July 2021, still in a pandemic. But not just in a pandemic but in a different place in life. In Austin, Texas living an unexpected summer in a new city, new internship, and new mindset. Looking back on this year the many late nights, anxiety attacks, cookout runs, writer's block, neglecting my blog, positive and negative character development,

...yet there was still growth

I was THRIVING last summer, but only thriving by being busy. I had a job, an internship, AND summer classes, it was a good time except when I realized I never gave myself a chance to just CHILL. I have the habit of keeping myself busy to stay "happy" or "sane" which isn't okay. I needed to find that fulfillment in the slower times to pace myself and slow down. This year has been nothing but great to me because I have found the beauty of pacing myself and finding the compassion I need in the slow times.

It wasn't easy and was filled with very vulnerable times, that even involved me having to take a step back on this blog and other things like friendships. I wasn't producing content I was proud of, that took a lot of thought, but just rambling and trying to do it to say I did it. That is not how I want to live my life or contribute to this blog because that wasn't part of my purpose to just, "get by". I want to show y'all the CIWYW that you signed up for, that I was called to do, and that I want to showcase why I started this blog.

So, now that we have entered year two of CIWYW, it's the redefining season. The season that started with growth, the season that I want to actively be intentional and genuine when I am posting, writing, and telling. So join me as we start this new season of CIWYW.

Here are some things to remember during those seasons where you want to keep busy to stay sane-
- Don't let this time set you back, don't stop your joy, continuing your faith, and magnifying the Lord.
- God is doing the most, even when you see the least.
- Remember YOU STILL GOT JOY and God's glory is our joy. 
- Don't be afraid. 
- What we can't see is more important than what we can see! 

So until next time...tell me something good in the comments and THANK YOU RONA.

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