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Hello Spring | Everyday Life Refresh

Hello Springtime! By now, we've all felt the sweet beginnings of Spring...the surreal blooms, the birds chirping, the pastels, SPRING IS HERE! Shoutout to Punxsutawney Phil for the early Spring!

As we are so excited, that spring is here I also think we should be excited about giving our life a refresh so we have the pastels we have the pollen oh my gosh, the sun, beautiful sunrises I am so excited to welcome spring, but you know it’s also time for me to just give a spring cleaning to my life as well. As a woman, I find it so important just make sure we’re taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and all of the above so today for y’all I have three ways to give yourself an everyday life refresh as we enter this new season.

We'll cover things from changing up your eating routine, we’ll even talk about being mindful of your movement, and lastly, and certainly not least spending time outside!


"Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful." -Jim Carrey


Chefin' + Spicin' it Up!

Food--the gateway to pure jubilance! I know many people struggle with food. Rather that's not eating enough, binge eating, only snacking, or maybe just not having enough time to cook. I urge us all to use this season to bring intentional cooking and eating to your life! Also, it's prime time for local fresh fruits, vegetables, herb, and much more! Adding a little greens to your eggs, making yummy popsicles, bruschetta, a crisp good caesar salad! With Spring comes freshness that I truly adore! I truly come ALIVE in the kitchen..minus the dishwashing portion! In case you need a little bit more motivation in the kitchen, read my old blog post to give you some GOOD tunes to play while you're channeling your inner Martha Stewart!

Attentive Activity

I know for me recently, time has been my biggest issue when it comes to working out my body and then me thinking of it as a chore. I have learned to enjoy walks right during sunset (so I can send to the bestie a picture of course!) On these, walks I have been listening to Audiobooks, currently listening to Icebreaker, or Vous Church sermons. In these times, I am able to connect to a character or even reflect on my relationship with the Lord. I have lacked so much motivation to stay active and I think we can all join together to encourage one another. We need to find ways that working out doesn't feel like a burden and doing things that bring us cheer and comfort. So, whether that's a dance class, paddle boarding, hiking, pilates, or even sit-ups during commercial break of you favorite tv show, let's all focus on incorporating some mindful movement into our daily lives!

Let's get these bodies moving. It will benefit you to prioritize your "me" time! During these times of attentive activity brings our full attention to the present moment to experience the here and now.

Outdoors is Calling!

With the sun out even longer I truly believe we have no excuse! So grab your sunnies, cute sandals, and of course your sunscreen! The sun will not be playing around! Going for a picnic with your gal pals, going to patio bars, or even walking through cute neighborhoods to look at gorgeous homes. Being outdoors can also have relaxing effects on our minds. Nature can provide a mental break by allowing us to temporarily escape the demands of everyday life. To even tie back adding color to your meals, go to your local farmers market! You can grab a fresh squeezed lemonade, a frosé, or even some ice cream to cool ya down! Some ways for you to spend more time outside:

  • If you work from home, try working at your local coffee shop outside, on your balcony, or taking walks throughout the workday!

  • Make the most of your lunch breaks! Eat outside get that Vitamin D!

  • Take the opportunity to find picturesque places in your city to see the sunset or sunrise!

  • For my homeowners, plant a garden!

  • Develop an outdoor hobby!


With life being hectic and unpredictable, it is essential to make room for YOU! So why not start at the beginning of this new season called Spring. You may already be cleaning out your wardrobe so why not tidy up your priorities! Clinch my advice and get creative with what you need to do for you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated this Spring! So don't forget to get innovative in the kitchen, be attentive to your activity, and get your cute self outdoors!

Tell me something good in the comments :) It's to be back CIWYW!

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