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So Your Visions Didn't Come Alive...So What?

As 2023 has started, my feeds have flooded with vision boards, goals for 2023, and so many things that revolve around what people plan to change in 2023. But I also saw many people upset at themselves for not checking off every box off of their 2022 vision board. I am here to say...SO WHAT?

I know that I am ridiculously hard on myself and that comes with the territory of being a perfectionist. But, what I did learn in 2022 was that I am not in control, everything cannot be perfect, and I am still learning this day by day. I am also not perfect and have to fully embrace that as many of us do. I know many of us have given ourselves trouble for not accomplishing everything but it is more than okay! Let's celebrate what we did accomplish. You got a new job, POP OFF! You lost 5 pounds, I SEE YOU! You read 10 books, OKURR! I am fully embraced in celebrating the small wins because every win deserves to be acknowledged.

Above you will see my vision board for 2023. I did not embrace my nature hair. I practiced self care for like...2-4 months of the year. I read about 7 books compared to the 12 I wanted to. I did not contribute to my blog as much as I wanted. I didn't save as much money as I wanted. And last but certainly not least...I didn't embrace my style of clothes. But guess what...I conquered so many things in 2022. I found a church here in Texas that I enjoy. I've touched many of my students lives. I got my passport. I worked on being okay with being out of control. I moved to a whole new state. I made friends. I was able to stand alongside my best friend has she married the love of her life. I became more confident. I strengthened many friendships. Therefore, I will celebrate what I did accomplish. I will celebrate my small wins. I heard a quote recently, "Marry God's mission not the method." I didn't fully understand this quote until discussing it with my boyfriend. We may not like the route God is taking us to fulfill his mission and plan for us but we need to marry what God put on your heart. You may go through things but do not caught up in those moments where you feel defeated or not enough. Do not beat yourself up about what you didn't do, but maybe make more realistic goals, put yourself on a schedule, and do not be hard on yourself.

A HUGE takeaway, that I learned in 2022 that I wish I would've reflected on but I didn't see the big picture was...

We are currently walking the prayer we once prayed for, it just may not be the way we imagined or expected.

I tend to focus on the day-to-day not the big picture. I want to be able to see the big picture and remember I am in the time of my life that I prayed to God for and I need to be so ecstatic of where I am. What I believe many of us need to do is enjoying the waiting period of what's to come.

As we all make our vision boards, vision reels, and vision Pinterest boards, I want us to remember this. Our goal now is to discover our purpose rather than knowing how it will unfold in our life. The HOW will reveal itself as you strategically step into the WHAT. Align yourself with how God looks at you; YOU WILL SEE A VISION AND SEE HOW HE SEES YOU! You will see where your potential and purpose lie. The goal is to see yourself and see your purpose clearly and allow God to do the rest. As God told Abraham, " far as you can see, I'll give it to you." Genesis 13:15.

Today, I want to end in a prayer that I plan to speak over myself and loved ones and y'all as well. There are things that concern me, Lord, but I know you already have a solution to them. I'll rest in your will until I see your purpose fulfilled in my life!

Once again, maybe your 2022 vision board didn't fully come together...but so freaking what! Cheers to 2023!

Until next time, tell me something good in the comments or something you have on your 2023 vision board!

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